A Taste of India in Almonte

  • Butter chicken, vindaloo, korma, paneer

  • Unlimited pizza toppings

  • Poutine

  • Salads and appetizers

  • Gluten-free crusts available



What Our Customers Say

From our TripAdvisor reviews.


Vegetarian Pizza to die for.

As a vegetarian it is sometimes hard to find just that right pizza and I hit the jackpot. It was the most delectable, tasty, mouth watering, left you wanting more pizza that has ever passed these lips. I could not stop making noises of pure delight with every bite.

pizza-ria unlimited…sooooo good!

My tastebuds cannot get enough of the wonderful Indian dishes and pizzas with unlimited toppings! Everything is fresh including the naan bread! Delicious mouthfuls! Homemade curries and a butter chicken pizza!!! If you like spicy, I recommend the Chicken Bollywood pizza!

Couldn’t get enough.

As first time visitors to Pizzaria Unlimited , we ordered the Hawaiian Pizza, Meatlovers, and the Chickenbollywood. We were only 4 adults but man we could have devoured another pizza easily. The dough was fresh the sauce wasn’t over powering, there was actually toppings for each bite we dug our teeth into.

Eat in or take out this is worth visiting again and again.

Butter chicken is straight out of the authentic kitchens of India and the Naan bread is so fresh and so so good. The Pizzas are amazing. It’s a simple and unpretentious restaurant. Eat in or take out you must come try this out.